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Primo Hoagies Menu Price Near Me Overview

Primo Hoagies Menu Price Near Me

Primo Hoagies is a fast food sandwich restaurant chain. It was founded in 1992 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Rich and Coleen Neigre. It is famous for sandwiches served on hoagie-style bread.

Primo Hoagies restaurant menu prices are related to those of sub sandwich restaurant chains, although they might be somewhat higher depending on where you live. Its sandwiches come in 3 sizes including small, Primo, and whole.

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Primo Hoagies Menu With Prices

Primo Hoagies Menu With Prices


Our Specialties

All Primo® Size Hoagies Are Available in a Low Carb or Whole Wheat Wrap or o Hoagie In A Bowl (No Bread). All Small Size Hoagies Are Available On Our Signature Wheat Roll

Italian $5.99 Small
Italian $8.99 Primo®
Italian $19.99 Whole
Mild Italian $5.99 Small
Mild Italian $8.99 Primo®
Mild Italian $19.99 Whole
Sharp Italian $5.99 Small
Sharp Italian $8.99 Primo®
Sharp Italian $19.99 Whole
Mild Sharp Italian $5.99 Small
Mild Sharp Italian $8.99 Primo®
Mild Sharp Italian $19.99 Whole
Old Italian $6.49 Small
Old Italian $9.49 Primo®
Old Italian $21.99 Whole
Turkey Breast & Cheese $5.99 Small
Turkey Breast & Cheese $8.99 Primo®
Turkey Breast & Cheese $19.99 Whole
Big “T” $5.99 Small
Big “T” $8.99 Primo®
Big “T” $19.99 Whole
Roast Beef & Cheese $6.99 Small
Roast Beef & Cheese $9.99 Primo®
Roast Beef & Cheese $22.99 Whole
Audie $7.49 Small
Audie $9.99 Primo®
Audie $20.99 Whole
Ham & Cheese $5.49 Small
Ham & Cheese $7.99 Primo®
Ham & Cheese $18.99 Whole
American $5.49 Small
American $7.99 Primo®
American $18.99 Whole
Bologna & Cheese $4.99 Small
Bologna & Cheese $7.49 Primo®
Bologna & Cheese $18.99 Whole
Corned Beef & Swiss $7.49 Small
Corned Beef & Swiss $9.49 Primo®
Corned Beef & Swiss $22.99 Whole
Schwartzie $7.49 Small
Schwartzie $9.49 Primo®
Schwartzie $22.99 Whole
Turkey Schwartzie $7.49 Small
Turkey Schwartzie $9.49 Primo®
Turkey Schwartzie $22.99 Whole
Roast Beef Schwartzie $7.49 Small
Roast Beef Schwartzie $9.99 Primo®
Roast Beef Schwartzie $22.99 Whole
Suprimo $6.99 Small
Suprimo $9.49 Primo®
Suprimo $21.99 Whole
Gianna $6.99 Small
Gianna $9.49 Primo®
Gianna $21.99 Whole
Sulmona $7.49 Small
Sulmona $9.99 Primo®
Sulmona $24.99 Whole
“R” Special $7.49 Small
“R” Special $9.99 Primo®
“R” Special $24.99 Whole
Napolitano $6.99 Small
Napolitano $9.99 Primo®
Napolitano $21.99 Whole
Sopressata & Sharp $6.49 Small
Sopressata & Sharp $9.99 Primo®
Sopressata & Sharp $20.99 Whole
Pal Joey $6.99 Small
Pal Joey $9.49 Primo®
Pal Joey $21.99 Whole
Sicilian $6.49 Small
Sicilian $8.99 Primo®
Sicilian $20.99 Whole
New Yorker $6.99 Small
New Yorker $9.99 Primo®
New Yorker $21.99 Whole
Abruzzi $6.49 Small
Abruzzi $9.99 Primo®
Abruzzi $20.99 Whole
Nellie $6.99 Small
Nellie $9.99 Primo®
Nellie $21.99 Whole
Soprano $6.49 Small
Soprano $9.49 Primo®
Soprano $21.99 Whole
Crusher $7.49 Small
Crusher $9.99 Primo®
Crusher $22.99 Whole
Tavern & Swiss $5.99 Small
Tavern & Swiss $8.99 Primo®
Tavern & Swiss $19.99 Whole

The “Diablos”

Spicy, Yet Cool – Made With Our Original Blend of Spices

Turkey Diablo $5.99 Small
Turkey Diablo $8.99 Primo®
Turkey Diablo $19.99 Whole
Tuna Diablo $5.99 Small
Tuna Diablo $8.99 Primo®
Tuna Diablo $21.99 Whole
Big “T” Diablo $5.99 Small
Big “T” Diablo $8.99 Primo®
Big “T” Diablo $19.99 Whole
Chicken Diablo $6.59 Small
Chicken Diablo $8.99 Primo®
Chicken Diablo $21.99 Whole
Pork Diablo $6.49 Small
Pork Diablo $9.49 Primo®
Pork Diablo $19.99 Whole
Italian Diablo $6.49 Small
Italian Diablo $8.99 Primo®
Italian Diablo $20.99 Whole
AuDiablo $7.49 Small
AuDiablo $9.99 Primo®
AuDiablo $22.99 Whole
Veggie Diablo $5.49 Small
Veggie Diablo $8.49 Primo®
Veggie Diablo $18.99 Whole
Ham & Cheese Diablo $5.99 Small
Ham & Cheese Diablo $8.99 Primo®
Ham & Cheese Diablo $19.99 Whole
Beef Diablo $7.49 Small
Beef Diablo $10.99 Primo®
Beef Diablo $24.99 Whole

Cutlet Combos

Chicken Paired with Primo Delicacies. Substitute Grilled Chicken for any Cutlet Combo below.

Buffalo Cutlet $6.99 Small
Buffalo Cutlet $9.49 Primo®
Buffalo Cutlet $21.99 Whole
Bada Bing $6.99 Small
Bada Bing $9.49 Primo®
Bada Bing $21.99 Whole
Bada Boom $6.99 Small
Bada Boom $9.49 Primo®
Bada Boom $21.99 Whole
Whacked Chicken $6.99 Small
Whacked Chicken $9.99 Primo®
Whacked Chicken $23.99 Whole
Chicken Collete $6.99 Small
Chicken Collete $9.49 Primo®
Chicken Collete $21.99 Whole
Chicken Suprimo $6.99 Small
Chicken Suprimo $9.99 Primo®
Chicken Suprimo $21.99 Whole
Chicken Parmigiana $6.99 Small
Chicken Parmigiana $9.49 Primo®
Chicken Parmigiana $21.99 Whole

Healthy Choice

Lower in Fat or Sodium Content

Tuna Delight $6.49 Small
Tuna Delight $8.99 Primo®
Tuna Delight $21.99 Whole
Healthy Cheese $4.99 Small
Healthy Cheese $7.49 Primo®
Healthy Cheese $18.99 Whole
Slim “T” $5.99 Small
Slim “T” $8.99 Primo®
Slim “T” $19.99 Whole
Healthy Ham & Cheese $5.99 Small
Healthy Ham & Cheese $8.99 Primo®
Healthy Ham & Cheese $19.99 Whole
White Tuna $5.49 Small
White Tuna $7.99 Primo®
White Tuna $18.99 Whole

Meatless Delights

A Delicious Treat Without the Meat

Nonna’s Veggies $5.49 Small
Nonna’s Veggies $8.49 Primo®
Nonna’s Veggies $18.99 Whole
Knuckle Sandwich $4.99 Small
Knuckle Sandwich $7.99 Primo®
Knuckle Sandwich $19.99 Whole
Milano $4.99 Small
Milano $7.99 Primo®
Milano $19.99 Whole
Italian Tuna $6.49 Small
Italian Tuna $8.99 Primo®
Italian Tuna $21.99 Whole
Pescara $6.99 Small
Pescara $9.99 Primo®
Pescara $21.99 Whole
Cheese Deluxe $4.99 Small
Cheese Deluxe $7.49 Primo®
Cheese Deluxe $18.99 Whole

Primo Hots

Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage $6.49 Small
Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage $8.99 Primo®
Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage $20.99 Whole
Old Fashioned Meatball $6.49 Small
Old Fashioned Meatball $8.99 Primo®
Old Fashioned Meatball $20.99 Whole
Old World Style Meatball $6.49 Small
Old World Style Meatball $8.99 Primo®
Old World Style Meatball $20.99 Whole
Eggplant Parmigiana $5.49 Small
Eggplant Parmigiana $8.49 Primo®
Eggplant Parmigiana $18.99 Whole

Sandwich Toppings

Stuffed Pepper Shooters $1.09 Small
Stuffed Pepper Shooters $1.99 Primo®
Stuffed Pepper Shooters $4.99 Whole
Italian Long Hot Peppers $0.69 Small
Italian Long Hot Peppers $1.29 Primo®
Italian Long Hot Peppers $2.49 Whole
Bruschetta $0.79 Small
Bruschetta $1.59 Primo®
Bruschetta $2.99 Whole
Roasted Red Peppers $0.49 Small
Roasted Red Peppers $0.79 Primo®
Roasted Red Peppers $1.59 Whole
Broccoli Rabe $0.39 Small
Broccoli Rabe $0.79 Primo®
Broccoli Rabe $1.59 Whole
Schwartzie Dressing $0.49 Small
Schwartzie Dressing $0.79 Primo®
Schwartzie Dressing $1.59 Whole

Catering Hoagies Trays

Mini Tray (Feeds 5-6) $39.99
Assorted Tray (Feeds 8–10) $59.99
Deluxe Tray (Feeds 12-14) $79.99
Super Deluxe Tray (Feeds 18-20) $95.99
Super-Duper Tray (Feeds 22-25) $115.99
Vegetarian Tray (Feeds 8-10) $59.99
Specialty Tray (Feeds 8–10) $69.99
Healthy Tray (Feeds 8-10) $59.99
Diablo Tray (Feeds 8-10) $69.99
Old Italy Tray (Feeds 12-14) $84.99

Catering Sampler Platters

Italian Sampler $39.99 Small
Italian Sampler $69.99 Large
Pepperoni & Cheese Sampler $25.99 Small
Pepperoni & Cheese Sampler $49.99 Large
Cheese Sampler $25.99 Small
Cheese Sampler $49.99 Large

Catering Primo® Cookies

Cookie Platter $11.99 12 Pc.
Cookie Platter $16.99 18 Pc.

Primo Hoagies Hours Of Operations Saturday Sunday

Primo Hoagies Hours Of Operations Saturday Sunday

DAYS What Time Does Primo Hoagies Open? What Time DoesPrimo Hoagies Close?
Monday  9:00AM  4:00PM
Tuesday  9:00AM  4:00PM
Wednesday  9:00AM  4:00PM
Thursday  9:00AM  4:00PM
Friday  9:00AM  4:00PM
Saturday  Closed
Sunday  Closed

NOTE: What time does Primo Hoagies open and closed in 2018? Primo Hoagies Hours of Operation remains the same from Monday to Thursday. However, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Primo Hoagies Holiday Hours are subject to change and are listed below.

Primo Hoagies Holiday Hours Open & Closed in 2018

Primo Hoagies Holiday Hours Open & Closed

Most Primo Hoagies Locations are OPEN on these holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Tax Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving Day

Most Primo Hoagies Locations are CLOSED on these holidays:

  • Christmas Day

Primo Hoagies Customer Service Phone Number

Primo Hoagies Customer Service Phone Number

PrimoHoagies Franchising, Inc.

610 Ryan Ave
Bldg V Unit 4
Westville, NJ 08093
Phone: (856) 742-1999
Fax: (856) 742-5000

Primo Hoagies App Download

Primo Hoagies App Download

– View the PrimoHoagies menu
– Images and descriptions of each sandwich and catering item
– View nutritional information

– Review your active, redeemed, and expired offers
– Review your points history; total points, points away from next reward, and order history with points awarded
– Add points to your rewards account using the points code on your receipt and total amount

– Select a gift card type/style
– Select a gift card amount
– Text or email the gift card to your recipient
– Use a credit card or saved account to complete the purchase

Find a location: 
– Search for locations displayed on a map or listed by distance
– Get store details such as address, phone number, and hours
– View the store menu
– Get navigational directions using your default map
– Call the store directly

– Place a pickup or delivery order
– Use your Primo account to place the order
– Redeem rewards offers in checkout

My Account:
– Load your Primo account for use in-store and online
– Tap your Primo account card to use in-store
– Check your current balance
– Reload your Primo account using a credit card or saved account

Android APP Download Here: CLICK ME

Primo Hoagies Near Me Locations

Primo Hoagies Food Review Video

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