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Robeks Menu Prices Near Me Overview

Robeks Menu Prices Near Me

Robeks is a smoothie franchise chain. It was founded in 1996 by David Robertson. It famous for smoothies. Robeks restaurant menu prices are related to other smoothie chains’ Menu prices, and you can get a small smoothie for as low as $4 and a large one for about $6.

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Robeks Menu With Prices

Robeks Menu With Prices


Fan Favorites

Strawnana Berry™ $3.99 Small
Strawnana Berry™ $4.99 Medium
Strawnana Berry™ $5.99 Large
The Hummingbird® $3.99 Small
The Hummingbird® $4.99 Medium
The Hummingbird® $5.99 Large
Mahalo Mango® $3.99 Small
Mahalo Mango® $4.99 Medium
Mahalo Mango® $5.99 Large

Classic Flavors

Malibu Peach™ $3.99 Small
Malibu Peach™ $4.99 Medium
Malibu Peach™ $5.99 Large
Big Wednesday® $3.99 Small
Big Wednesday® $4.99 Medium
Big Wednesday® $5.99 Large
Polar Pineapple™ $3.99 Small
Polar Pineapple™ $4.99 Medium
Polar Pineapple™ $5.99 Large
South Pacific Squeeze® $3.99 Small
South Pacific Squeeze® $4.99 Medium
South Pacific Squeeze® $5.99 Large
Pina Koolada™ $3.99 Small
Pina Koolada™ $4.99 Medium
Pina Koolada™ $5.99 Large
Berry Brilliance® $3.99 Small
Berry Brilliance® $4.99 Medium
Berry Brilliance® $5.99 Large
Passionfruit Cove® $3.99 Small
Passionfruit Cove® $4.99 Medium
Passionfruit Cove® $5.99 Large
Raspberry Romance® $3.99 Small
Raspberry Romance® $4.99 Medium
Raspberry Romance® $5.99 Large
Infinite Orange® $3.99 Small
Infinite Orange® $4.99 Medium
Infinite Orange® $5.99 Large


Acai Energizer™ $6.39 Medium
Acai Energizer™ $7.39 Large
Venice Burner $6.39 Medium
Venice Burner $7.39 Large
Passionfruit Power™ $6.39 Medium
Passionfruit Power™ $7.39 Large
Age Buster™ $6.39 Medium
Age Buster™ $7.39 Large
Heart Health $6.39 Medium
Heart Health $7.39 Large
Berry Slim™ $6.39 Medium
Berry Slim™ $7.39 Large
Pro Arobek™ $6.39 Medium
Pro Arobek™ $7.39 Large
DR. Robeks $6.39 Medium
DR. Robeks $7.39 Large
The Replenisher $6.39 Medium
The Replenisher $7.39 Large
Healthy Harmony™ $6.39 Medium
Healthy Harmony™ $7.39 Large


800 LB. Gorilla™ $6.79 Medium
800 LB. Gorilla™ $7.79 Large
Musclemax $6.79 Medium
Musclemax $7.79 Large


PB&J Delight $3.89 Small
Strawberry Sipper $3.89 Small
Mini Mango $3.89 Small


Pineapple Orange Passion™ $2.99 Small
Pineapple Orange Passion™ $3.49 Medium
Refreshingly Raspberry™ $2.99 Small
Refreshingly Raspberry™ $3.49 Medium

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Evergreen $5.29 Small
Evergreen $6.59 Medium
Evergreen $7.99 Large
Cool Cucumber $5.29 Small
Cool Cucumber $6.59 Medium
Cool Cucumber $7.99 Large
ABC $5.29 Small
ABC $6.59 Medium
ABC $7.99 Large
King Kale™ $5.29 Small
King Kale™ $6.59 Medium
King Kale™ $7.99 Large
G-Snap $5.29 Small
G-Snap $6.59 Medium
G-Snap $7.99 Large
Crazy Carrot $5.29 Small
Crazy Carrot $6.59 Medium
Crazy Carrot $7.99 Large
Sweet Green $5.29 Small
Sweet Green $6.59 Medium
Sweet Green $7.99 Large

Nature’s Best

Tropi-Kale™ $6.29 Medium
Tropi-Kale™ $7.29 Large
Awesome Acai™ $6.29 Medium
Awesome Acai™ $7.29 Large
Super Green™ $6.29 Medium
Super Green™ $7.29 Large

Greek Yogurt

Emperor Acai™ $5.49 Small
Emperor Acai™ $6.49 Medium
Emperor Acai™ $7.49 Large
Spartan Berry™ $5.49 Small
Spartan Berry™ $6.49 Medium
Spartan Berry™ $7.49 Large
Strawberry Temple™ $5.49 Small
Strawberry Temple™ $6.49 Medium
Strawberry Temple™ $7.49 Large


Naturally Coffee $4.39 Small
Naturally Coffee $5.39 Medium
Naturally Coffee $6.39 Large
Naturally Mocha $4.39 Small
Naturally Mocha $5.39 Medium
Naturally Mocha $6.39 Large
Iced Mocha $4.39 Small
Iced Mocha $5.39 Medium
Iced Mocha $6.39 Large


Acai Especial Bowl™ $6.59
Fast Break Bowl™ $6.59
Split Banana Bowl™ $6.59

Quick Shoots

Lemon / Ginger Shot $3.99 2 oz.
Wheat Grass Shot $3.99 2 oz.
Acai / Lemon Shot $3.99 2 oz.

Robeks Hours of Operations Today

Robeks Hours of Operations Today

DAYS What Time Does Robeks Open? What Time Does Robeks Close?
Monday  7:00 am  8:00 pm
Tuesday  7:00 am  8:00 pm
Wednesday  7:00 am  8:00 pm
Thursday  7:00 am  8:00 pm
Friday  7:00 am  8:00 pm
Saturday  8:30 am  8:00 pm
Sunday  8:30 am  6:00 pm

Note: What time does Robeks open and closed in 2018? Robeks Hours of Operation remains the same from Monday to Thursday. However, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Robeks Holiday Hours are subject to change and are listed below.

Robeks Holiday Hours Open & Closed in 2018

 Robeks Holiday Hours Open & Closed

Most Robeks Locations are OPEN on these holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Tax Day
  • Good Friday
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Easter day

Most Robeks Locations are CLOSED on these holidays:

  • Christmas Day

Robeks Customer Service Phone Number

Robeks Customer Service Phone Number

Please check here:

Robeks Mobile App Download

Robeks Mobile App Download

Hey, Guys Order your favorite Robeks juice, bowl, smoothie, available for pick-up right now or for later. For more information please click on below link.

Android App Download Here: CLICK ME

iPhone App Download Here: CLICK ME

Robeks Near Me Locations

Robeks Food Review Video

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